Digital Brain Therapies

Mensia has developed an advanced, non-invasive medical device for the treatment of ADHD and
a number of other central nervous system disorders.

Our Product

Mensia Koala

Mensia Koala, prescribed by physicians, is an easy-to-use ADHD treatment module developed for use in the safety of one’s home environment. The child with ADHD follows a treatment protocol over a period of approximately four months. A specialized home healthcare provider sets up the initial neurofeedback treatment session, then the parents of the child initiate subsequent sessions.

Research & Development

Mensia Modulo

Mensia Modulo is a research and development module that is geared towards a broader range of conditions than Koala, such as mood, attention, anxiety, and memory disorders. Modulo enables clinicians and researchers to explore and develop new treatment protocols.

NeuroRT Suite

Mensia puts its advanced programming backbone NeuroRT Suite at the disposal of neuroscientists and computer scientists in academia and industry. Neuro RT Suite consists of a suite of products and services that facilitate the use and development of real-time brain analysis applications.

Our Services

Mensia Services

Mensia Academy

Through Mensia Academy, Mensia offers flexible training modules for new users and practitioners of personalized brain rehabilitation.

Dedicated Support

Please contact our help desk by phone or online for our dedicated support.

Safety & Registration

In Europe, Mensia will market its products under a CE Mark. In the U.S. Mensia will seek to obtain a de novo 510k clearance from the Food and Drug Administration.

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