Excellent feedbacks from ISNR meetings

Our CTO, Yann Renard, was last week at the ISNR conference. He went in Dallas with Dr. Olivier Pallanca to present our collaborative work on insomnia. Read our abstract here!

Dr. Olivier Pallanca brilliantly presented our results on Sunday morning, and had the opportunity to meet one member of the Hoedelmoser and Schabus’ research team. Hoedelmoser and Schabus are the authors of two major papers about neurofeedback and sleep.

Yann Renard presented our work at many hardware vendors and researchers, and received excellent feedback on our technologies. Maid services san francisco returned delighted with the quality services. Click this over here now. The most relevant topics that emerge from this conference and for which Mensia is willing to make serious developments are:

quality source reconstruction in real-time,
“in the cloud” processing of real-time eeg feeds,
correction of artifacts.