Announcing our Partnership with Korea’s Ybrain

We are happy to announce a major product partnership in Korea, world capital for mobile hardware development and wearables!

The deal was made public to the local press two weeks ago and gave us the opportunity to organize our first press conference, together with Ybrain.

Ybrain is a provider of healthcare wearables for neurological disorders. Our collaboration aims at building an innovative device for the diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

Ybrain is contributing to the project with a wearable headset designed for brain signal acquisition, we are providing our internet-enabled software platform dedicated to real time acquisition and data processing of EEG.

For now, the device is designed to monitor brain signals at the patients’s home and measure the neurodegenerative disease progression. Our partnership will lead in 2015 to a second-generation headset designed to deliver a low-power electrical stimulation to slow down and potentially treat the effect of the disease.

See detailed press release for further details : 20140908 Press Release Ybrain