Announcing partnerships with two major Korean labs in Neurophysiology

We proudly announce two new partnerships with major Korean labs in Neurophysiology: the Data Center for Korean EEG at Seoul National University and the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Hanyang University!

A press conference was held two weeks ago along the Han River to officially announce the news with broad coverage in Korean media.

  • The Data Center for Korean EEG has created a representative EEG database of korean population. This research partnership focuses on  the benchmarking and the assessment  of our real time and non-supervised algorithms for the denoising of EEG data. This will be carried out by comparing our results with those obtained with manual inspection/ICA analysis on a large set of data provided by the center.
  • The Department of Biomedical Engineering of Hanyang University is engaged in BCI research and now contributes to the field with a new headset device designed for self neuromodulation. Our collaboration focuses on tax preparer within NeuroRT the real time EEG software to unleash deployment of applications over the Internet. By 2015 this partnership will also lead to the integration of our signal processing technology therefore allowing for the deployment of real time EEG application for brain activity  visualization and neuromodulation in the cloud.

See detailed press release for further details : 20140908PressReleaseSeoul-HanyangUniv