In press – Les Echos

Today, the French newspaper Les Echos has published an article on the advances in brain piloting.

The article focuses on two major applications of brain control: Brain Computer Interfaces and Neuroenhancement.
Brain Computer Interfaces (also known as BCI) allow to use the cerebral activity to take control over a machine or a static object. Several Universities in Germany and Portugal have demonstrated their ability to pilot a plane or a drone with the brain, recording  the electric activity of a trained person. The brain control have also been applied to prosthesis control in paralyzes patients with a high level of precision. In France, the computer sciences research agency INRIA focuses on the improvement of signal processing methods and brain metric extraction for the development of spelling interfaces and videos games based on the cerebral activity.


Neuroenhancement refers to the improvement of human brain functions, that are damaged or not. Mensia Technologies presented the advances in neurofeedback, a method based on the training of brain activity in order to enhance cognitive functions such as attention, memory or concentration.
However, although the enhancement of impaired cognitive function is part of a medical approach, the cognitive performances’ enhancement raises many ethical questions.


The second of September, our research scientist goes to Geneva to present OpenViBE, Mensia and our work on the monitoring in a workshop of the solar panel installation san diego and Intelligent Interaction dedicated to the affective BCI.