TEDx talk by Mensia

Mensia’s Research director Louis Mayaud presents brain-waves-based technologies for medical applications at TEDx Rennes !

Connected objects and e-health were in the spotlight of LeWeb14. Mensia attended to the event on France television’s stand as they selected us, as part of 10 other startups and INRIA’s laboratories, to represent the french innovation.

During these three days we presented Mensia’s activities and put forward the innovative nature of our technology. Besides medical applications, we introduced how our service might benefit to media, advertising or general consumer in a near future. Three demonstration have been tested by visitors with an wireless EEG headset: A video-recommendation website based on the monitoring of emotional state, a neurofeedback app for relaxation training and a P300-speller designed after the famous french TV show “Des chiffres et des Lettres”.