About Us

Established in 2012, Mensia Technologies has brought neurofeedback into the 21st century. Home brain training is now possible and scientifically proven. In 2018, Mensia Koala is the only medical neurofeedback treatment of ADHD with a at home neurofeedback device. Mensia gained CE mark 0459 for a Class IIa Medical Device.

Our Values

Cure Your Brain Without Drugs


NEWROFEED is the largest randomized controlled neurofeedback trial ever undertaken in ADHD comparing neurofeedback with methylphenidate. Several clinical trials have been conducted in focused therapeutic areas: mild cognition-Alzheimer, chronic back pain, post trauma rehabilitation, depression, etc. Gold standards of Good Clinical Practices and benefit/risk ratio outcome are our priority.

Patient Respect

We’ve developed a non-invasive therapy that — alone or in tandem with psychotropic drugs — holds enormous promise for patients, their families, physicians, and payers.

Team Work

Mensia’s success is built on a multidisciplinary approach, combining science, clinical development, and commercialization expertise.

Our Team

Michel du Peloux

Chief Executive Officer

Michel has 30 years of experience in leadership positions in pharmaceutical, medical device, and healthcare companies such as Merck CHC, Mérieux, Novartis, and Audika. Michel is also MD MBA.

Louis Mayaud

Chief Scientific Officer

Louis is an expert in brain-computer interface research. He holds a PhD from the University Oxford, and was project leader at Paris Hospital Trust, the largest hospital system in Europe, as project leader for using brain-computer interfaces to communicate with Locked In Syndrome patients. Louis is also PhD.

Benoît Perrin

V.P Engineering

Benoît is an experienced technology professional. He studied at École Polytechnique (Paris), and Imperial College London. Before joining Mensia, he held technology and management positions at a number of software and Web companies.

Our Board

Michel du Peloux

Chairman Of The Board

Michel has 30 years of experience in leadership positions in pharmaceutical, medical device, and healthcare companies such as Merck CHC, Mérieux, Novartis, and Audika. Michel is also MD MBA.

Anne Reiser

Board Member

Global leadership and CEO roles, in the medtech industry during more than 30 years with board memberships in this fast growing industry. Anne was recently Executive Global for APAC at the Executive committe of ResMed. She also held executive positions at Medtronic, Zimmer, Hollister.

Jean-Marie Grumel

Board Member

Senior executive and CEO positions in the pharma industry, Jean Marie has implemented M&A, business development and licensing deals agreements worldwide. Jean-Marie holds board membership in both pharma and medtech companies. He coordinates investments from HARA business angels group.

Pierre Saint Girons

Board Member

Pierre is an executive and entrepreneur in the medical device industry with experience in cardiology, neurology, orthopedics, and telemedicine. His past experience includes strategy definition, product portfolio development, business development and operational management in France, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe.

Laurent Kott

Board Member

Laurent is Chairman of IT-Translation, a seed-stage venture fund set up jointly by BPIFrance, France’s sovereign fund, and Inria, the only public research body fully dedicated to computational sciences in France. Prior to IT-Translation, Laurent was at Inria as Deputy General Manager, Head of Technology Transfer, and Head of Inria-Transfert.

Anatole Lecuyer

Scientific Advisor

Anatole is Director of Research at Inria, in Rennes, France, and head of the Inria research team “Hybrid” (25 people). He focuses on advanced 3D user interfaces, virtual reality (VR), 3D displays and brain-computer interfaces (BCIs). Anatole is or was involved as coordinator or principal investigator in numerous national or international collaborative projects, and serves as an expert on VR and BCI for the European Commission, the European Research Council and the French National Research Agency. He is the (co) author of more than 90 papers.


Since inception Mensia has raised EUR 10 million through equity, debt, grants, and non-dilutive financings.


Newrofeed is a Horizon 2020-supported non-inferiority ADHD study, comparing Mensia Koala with the reference drug methylphenidate/Ritalin.


IT-Translation is an investor and co-founder of digital technology start-ups, spun off from both public and private research.

Health Angels Rhônes-Alpes (HARA)

Business angels investing in Medtech and medical devices companies.