Mensia has developed an advanced, non-invasive medical device for the treatment of ADHD and
a number of other central nervous system disorders.

Our Product

Mensia Koala

Mensia Koala, prescribed by physicians, is an easy-to-use ADHD treatment module developed for use in the safety of one’s home environment. The child with ADHD follows a treatment protocol over a period of approximately four months. A specialized home healthcare provider sets up the initial neurofeedback treatment session, then the parents of the child initiate subsequent sessions. Each session is monitored remotely by Mensia to keep track of the treatment’s progress. Whenever questions arise, the Mensia team — either directly or through its partners — offers immediate support.

Mensia Koala consists of an interactive EEG headset that measures a child’s brain signals in real-time to extract the telltale electrical signature of ADHD in the brain. This individualized signature is presented back to the child in real-time, via a playful video interface on a tablet computer, to help him or her train and modulate the affected brain areas. Training with Mensia Koala for approximately half an hour per day, up to five times a week, children can achieve a durable reduction of ADHD symptoms in less than four months, substantially reducing their dependency on medication.

Newrofeed is a clinical trial that is being conducted in five European countries to compare Mensia Koala with methylphenidate, the current standard of ADHD care. It is the largest clinical study of its kind ever undertaken.

Neurofeedback Practice and Research

Mensia Modulo

Mensia Modulo is a research and development module that is geared towards a broader range of conditions than Koala, such as mood, attention, anxiety, and memory disorders. Modulo enables clinicians and researchers to explore and develop new treatment protocols.

Research & Development

NeuroRT Suite

Mensia puts its advanced programming backbone NeuroRT Suite at the disposal of neuroscientists and computer scientists in academia and industry. Neuro RT Suite consists of a suite of products and services that facilitate the use and development of real-time brain analysis applications.

Among other applications, NeuroRT allows for the creation of real-time neurophysiological processing pipelines and provides cutting-edge processing techniques, and real-time, non-supervised identification and correction of data artefacts in EMG, EOG, and electrode contact. NeuroRT’s interface can visualize brain activity in real-time in 1D, 2D or 3D.

While the NeuroRT suite has been designed for the analysis and display of data in real time, Mensia has also developed a toolbox for offline use to allow neuroscientists to revisit sessions, compare outcomes, and assess and fine-tune protocols.




Closed loop brain training: the science of neurofeedback (Sitaram)

ADHD clinical evidence with neurofeedback (Cortese)

ADHD clinical evidence with neurofeedback (Micoulaud-Franchi)

Brain ageing : neurofeedbak improves attention and working memory

Product Pipeline

Real-Time Brain Signal Analysis

Our real-time brain signal analysis platform has the potential to be broadly applied to reduce symptoms of conditions such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), chronic back pain, and mild cognitive impairment in the elderly.

Neurofeedback is a non-invasive therapy that—alone or in tandem with psychotropic drugs—holds enormous promise for patients and their families, physicians, and payers.

Beyond ADHD, Mensia is developing similarly robust and reliable brain rehabilitation products to address chronic back pain, depression, and motor reeducation. Clinical trials in all these indications are on-going, and should read out in the next 12-18 months.

Our Services

Mensia Neurofeedback Academy

Mensia offers flexible training modules for new users and practitioners of personalized brain rehabilitation with your Mensia Modulo set up. Upon demand for large group we train and share with medical and scientific community our 10 years experience of medical neurofeedback and brain computer interface.

Mensia Academy

Through Mensia Academy, Mensia offers flexible training modules for new users and practitioners of personalized brain rehabilitation.

Dedicated Support

Please contact our help desk by phone or online for our dedicated support.

Safety & Registration

In Europe, Mensia market its Koala product under CE Mark 0459. In the U.S. Mensia will seek to obtain a De Novo 510k clearance from the Food and Drug Administration.
Mensia is a medical device company, not dedicated to neurogames but for digital therapeutics. We are ISO 13485:2016 certified.